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Life is too short for boring small talk.

Stop feeling misunderstood. 

You’re meant to talk about the stuff that matters to you.


Ditch the Small Talk Course

Learn techniques for smoothly transitioning small talk into deep, meaningful conversation that connects.

The Art of Listening Mini Course

Strategies to help you become an engaged, active listener.
Coming soon!

Nonverbal Communication Mini Course

Arms folded? Legs crossed? Learn what these and other elements of nonverbal communication convey during your conversations.
Coming soon!

Forum topics

Science, Tech

Machine Learning, AI, Ethics of Technology, and more.

Psychology, Human Behavior

Freud, Individual Psychology

Relationships, Love, Communication

active listening, deep talk, the theory behind polyamory


We help you talk deeply while seeing the world. . .

Love random, deep conversations with like-minded, curious individuals? 

With Evolving Conversations Retreats, you can travel the world with deep thinkers just like you.

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Hey, I'm Francine!

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I left a 13-year career in medicine to craft a life filled with freedom . . . for you.

Freedom to ponder life’s intricacies, philosophies, and simply trying to answer the questions that make you say, “Hmmm, . . .”.

Evolving Conversations is a community that helps you get out of the mindless banter and into discussing what matters in your world.

You think deeply, crave deep conversations, and want to feel more connected to yourself, others, and your world.