On Tonsai Beach and Post-Thailand Life and Career Plans

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1/24/2017- The makeshift jungle bar that I’m currently nestled in is composed almost entirely of local sustainable wood and bamboo. I’ve stumbled upon this gem in the middle of the daily afternoon blackout; the beer is vaguely reminiscent of being cold. The wifi is down so I’m forced to scrawl chicken scratches in my trusty notebook.

Hippy dudes with blonde dreads play ping pong with carefree girls in bikini tops.  One ambitious woman dares tread a slack line in the back of the bar, with variable levels of success. The air is thick with tropical haze and the buzz of mosquitoes. The vibe is laissez-faire.

Tonsai, Thailand, Bar, sustainable, wood, Beach town
Chill Out for reals

This is the appropriately named  Chill Out Bar and Bungalow in Tonsai Beach, Thailand.  I didn’t stay here, so if you are considering clicking my link, please know that this rustic spot is best for those who like being all up in the  elements and love roughing it in jungle beach bungalows. It’s really chill in the best possible way.

It’s difficult to think about plans for returning to New York City at the moment but the notion popped into my head so I’m going to flow with it.

Practical Plans

  • My apartment

The rent is too damn high (whatever happened to that guy? Oh, this nonsense). Between not having a job/steady income and this revitalized wanderlust, I need to decrease my expenses.

Options include breaking my lease then finding an apartment under $2K. I can’t bring myself to get a roommate (#introvert) but the amount of money I would save makes it extremely tempting.

  • Minimalism/sell my stuff

I’m going to sell or donate 50% of my clothing. Two months of living out of a carry-on will have taught me that you only need pieces that are comfortable, fashionable, and that make you feel radiant.

  • Finances

New saving plan/budget

401k review

Investment portfolio rebalancing



Updated Financial Runway

Tonsai Thailand Beach Rocks
Post-rocky hike from Tonsai to Railay Beach 2017

Career Exploration Plans

  • Informational Interviews

Back in 2015, informal meet ups were instrumental in investigating the typical alternative careers that doctors pursue after leaving clinical medicine. These include pharmaceuticals, medical marketing, and healthcare advertising. Not for me!


          • Software Programming/Web Designers

– may learn to code one language before

          • Digital Nomads/Location Indie entrepreneurs
              • met some while traveling, would be good to meet more in NYC
          • Activists
              • urgency to get active now and fight the resistance
          • Entrepreneurs
              • App developers
              • Online entrepreneurs
              • Sustainability-related biz owners or employees in travel, makeup/hair beauty products, clothing/fashion, and media.
          • I feel obligated to list some medicine-related options but one month’s distance (even on the beach in Thailand) plus the aforementioned info interviews still aren’t enough for me to consider remaining in the healthcare industry. Health software/health tech remains remotely interesting mainly because it doesn’t make my soul recoil in fear.
  • Coding
    • Free apps first, then a class
  • Writing

Fun Life Plans

  • Singing lessons
    • Just aiming for average
  • Central Park Bike Riding
    • That shit has got to be more carefree than it was in Koh Yao Noi
  • Blog writing class
    • Actual typing on the blog site is struggleville right now
  • Tribe cultivation
    • Spend more time strengthening relationships and connecting to tribe members and their people
    • Connect online with like-minded individuals
    • Mastermind group

Update on Plans

An unintended consequence of being this untimely with blog entries is the benefit of checking in with goals established while traveling. Clearly, my mentality was slightly different when I was away versus here in NYC.

Here’s what I’ve done in 2 months:

        • 7 appliances/tech gear sold or listed on eBay
        • Two ever-growing piles of clothing for donating/selling
        • Taxes
        • Calculated New Financial Runway (still one year total)
        • Learned basic JavaScript
        • Met more Digital Nomads in Thailand
        • Engaged with my entrepreneur friends
        • Writing – this blog, no class needed!
        • Tribe Cultivation
          • Work in Progress
          • Joined several FB groups related to Writing, Digital Nomads, and Medicine
          • Being more intentional with whom I spend my time

Here’s what’s left:

        • Staying in my apt till end of my lease/finding a sub-2K apt
        • 401k review
        • Portfolio rebalancing
        • Incorporation (holding off on this)
        • Info Interviews with more entrepreneurs
          • Talking with activists is on hiatus while I transition into making entrepreneur/freelance income
        • Bike Riding (postponed due to injury)
        • Singing lessons (priority shifts)
        • Tribe Cultivation
          • Work in Progress
          • Still searching for a Mastermind Group

Bottom Line

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Freeing myself from shitty bosses and the 9-5 workday is still appealing and the ultimate goal.

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  1. Love the outline and the accountability by updating your post. Can’t wait to see how it all pans out.

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