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(and WITHOUT endless small talk)

Use a Proven, Step-by-Step Process to Confidently Start Deep Conversations
with strangers and loved ones

Welcome to the premier digital course designed to empower you to take your DEEP conversation skills to the next level.

How to Start Captivating Conversations
A Step-by Step Process to Confidently Starting Meaningful Conversations.

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How many times have you felt awkward when starting a conversation?

  • Getting caught in empty conversations at the grocery store checkout line.
  • Having to pretend that the “very normal weather we’re having” is fascinating with your coworker
  • Wasting time chatting about your job at a networking event when you could be sharing what actually lights you up.
  • Escaping from endless first date small talk, yet feeling like you missed out on something that could have been meaningful.
Ugh, it’s an introvert’s worst nightmare!
I built Start Captivating Conversations because I don’t want that awkwardness to happen to you ever again!
You will not have a 100% personality change (and that should definitely NOT be your goal!)
BUT if you want to:
  • Stop feeling like you have to be an extrovert or a “natural charmer” to have great convos
  • Stop feeling drowned out by crowds of loud talkers who love chatting about nothing
  • Truly know connection–that moment when someone really clicks with you and understands a piece of your inner self.
  • Be a little less lonely.
How to Start Captivating Conversations can help get you there.

Is this you?

"I can't stand awkward silences or people who respond with one word answers."

Learn how to ask the questions that get people to open up to you.

"I get easily discouraged in a convo when the energy level isn't mutual, then I go blank."

Learn how to quickly determine when someone doesn’t want to have a deep conversation, so you can stop wasting time, and find someone who does. 

"I don't know how to start a convo. I hate small talk."

Bad news, small talk is here to stay.

But you can learn how to move through it quickly to get to talking about what energizes you and captivates your attention.


Hi, I'm Francine

I used to be a super shy teenager.  As in, my journal was my best friend, daydreaming for hours, crushes that I could never work up the nerve to speak to, type of shy.

I convinced myself that I hated people. Sound familiar? Staying in my imaginative inner world felt much safer than the awkwardness and boredom that came with talking to people I didn’t know well.

In college, I came out of my shell a bit but I had a tough time making an impression. 

For example, one of my best friends and I kept running into his friend. 

Each time my friend would reintroduce us, saying, “And you remember, Fran.”  And the friend of my friend would say, “Oh no, I don’t think we’ve met, I’m ‘Amir'” and he’d shake my hand. 

Sounds normal enough, right?


This literally happened 5 or 6 times over a couple of years. Each time it became clear that he had forgot who I was, it was crushing. 

I’m ashamed to say that the 6th time this happened, I snapped and said, “Yeah, actually, we’ve met several times, and it’s kind of rude that you never remember who I am.” 


Needless to say, I never wanted to be forgotten like that again. So I developed a method to make sure I always leave a great first impression by getting past that dull, forgettable chit chat and starting off a more meaningful conversation.  

Fast forward to today, now I’m a social introvert who can talk to anyone. And I actually love it! 

If I could change from the cynical shy girl I used to be to someone who travels the world solo having deep conversations with strangers along the way, you can do it too.


As Featured In:

Something had to change.

When I started googling for solutions, the results were all some version of just go up to people and “be yourself.” 

NO THANK YOU! That’s definitely not for me. You’ve probably tried that and it didn’t exactly work. 

Here’s what I did. I put myself in a situation where I had to meet new people constantly– I started traveling the world alone. And I kept a journal with me. 

For months, I wrote down stories–

  • How I walked into a bar in Osaka and had an amazing conversation with a Bulgarian traveler for 3 hours. 
  • How I befriended a Danish man and an Australian lady (themselves new friends) on a Thai island and went to a party in the middle of a jungle (seriously).  

At the end of my trip, I analyzed all the ways I met people, how I turned all those awkward silences and random introductions into hours’ long talks over coffee, at festivals, on the beach, anywhere. 

I figured out how to employ those same techniques at home, at work, at networking events and around the family dinner table.

And now I’ve spent the last year teaching introverts, the shy, and socially awkward at Evolving Conversations, showing them how to have the deep conversations they crave. 


Read on for how introverts just like you have used these skills at Evolving Conversations
Deep Conversation Events ⬇

Best part of the Deep Convo Event?

"The opportunity to “break the ice” with new people by sharing feelings and experiences. Creating a level of intimacy and bonding within a group in a seamless and organic was refreshing."
Donna Myers
Massage Therapist, NY
Best part of the Deep Convo Event?

"It was challenging and rewarding to talk about issues with folks I didn't know well. I liked the practice of listening without responding."
Ryann Holmes
Community Builder & Curator, NY
Best part of the Deep Convo Event?

"I enjoyed this and I think it's a safe way to learn how to talk to people beyond awkward surface level conversation, and to really listen as well."
Lee Bullitt
Photographer & Video Editor, NY

You can keep missing out on connection.

You can keep combing through Google search results looking for lists of conversation starter questions. You even memorize your favorites. Only to have it fall flat in an awkward silence.
You can go on dreading work happy hours, networking events, and parties.
You can keep struggling with the perfectionism that keeps you from opening up. 
You can keep believing that only extroverts and “natural charmers” get to enjoy meaningful conversations when ever they want. 
You’ve got a couple of great friends in your life, or maybe your partner, and a favorite cousin. But priorities change, and jobs, kids, or other obligations could find you left in the dust. 
Let’s face it, most people will think it’s too tough to change. They’ll go on feeling stuck in awkward social interactions week after week. It’s pure inertia.


But what if there was a different way?

What if you could finally figure out how to start off the conversations you want to have?

How would that feel? 

  • Feeling unperturbed by your upcoming networking event. Maybe, dare I say, even looking forward to it?
  • Being able to quickly weed out people who aren’t interested in deep talk—saving your time and mental energy in the process. 
  • Finally feeling seen and heard by talking about what really matters to you.
  • Confidently filling in awkward pauses. Plus, learning how to intentionally create pauses in conversation to your advantage.
  • Creating just 5-10 minutes of intentional, directed talk that lifts your spirits.
  • Masterfully wielding a few personally crafted convo techniques that leave you (and those you meet) feeling more connected and less alone.

How to Start Captivating Conversations

This 5 module, step-by-step course is for introverts, shy, and the socially anxious who have a tough time having meaningful conversations. 

It’s also for extroverts and ambiverts who love talking to people 
but don’t love getting stuck in never-ending small talk.

What exactly is inside
How to Start Captivating Conversations?

Start Captivating Conversations is a proven system designed to teach you, once and for all, how to start the conversations that hold your attention.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Lifetime Access to all updates
  • 5 Complete, pre-recorded Modules, all immediately accessible
  • A Worksheet in each module to help you process each concept and practice techniques (even if you have no one new to practice with!)
  • 5 Bonus “Special Snowflake” Sections
  • Bonus Module: Tips for Starting Deep Convos on Zoom
  • All Digital Login 24/7
  • 10-day Money Back Guarantee

The 5-C System of
How to Start Captivating Conversations

Module 1: Choosing Better Connection Scenarios

Design situations that naturally encourage deep conversations (plus where to NEVER TRY getting into deep conversation)

Module 2: Convey Approachability​

How to get people to approach you instead. 

Plus my tried and tested method to determining who is up for a great conversation before you utter one word

Module 3: Get (More) Comfortable with the Uncomfortable​

The key Mindset Shifts and Practical Techniques for dealing with the core fear that keeps you from great conversation —Awkwardness

Module 4: How to Cultivate Curiosity

How to master this highly underestimated, highly important personality trait and conversation skill

Module 5: Convert Small Talk to Deep Talk

My patented “10% More” Rule that smoothly pivots chit-chat into more meaningful conversation

Bonus #1
Special Snowflake Sections

Snowflake pic
You think these scenarios only happen to you because  you’re “too shy, too weird, can’t open up, etc, etc, etc.” 
But you’re not alone!
This is where you learn how to cope with your worst “But What if I . . . ” fears.

Bonus #2

Deep Convos for Video Conferencing

You'll get some easy yet seriously effective strategies for enhancing the depth and quality of connection you feel when talking over Zoom or other video conferencing software.

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You value quantity over quality when it comes to friendships and relationships
  • You genuinely enjoy small talk about the weather, traffic and/or what you do for a living 
  • You can step outside tomorrow to easily make a new close friend, close mentor, or develop another relationship based on connection
  • You think talking about the universe at 3am is cheesy or it makes your brain hurt
  • You’re looking for a quick fix or to passively absorb information. Real change requires action. You’ll have to follow the simple steps, fill out the worksheets, and actually practice for this to work. If you don’t want to put in the time to build personalized techniques like you might build muscle with exercise, this will not work for you
  • You’re not quite ready to get at least a bit uncomfortable to experience the connection you’ve been craving
  • You’re as connected and close to your family, friends, colleagues, significant other as you’d like to be

SCC is for you if:

  • You’re uncomfortable approaching someone to begin a convo
  • Small talk is so draining to you that it’s not even worth trying to talk to someone new
  • Your conversations are “okay” but you aren’t making that oh-so-important lasting impression, like I did with Amir above.
  • Just the thought of another awkward silence makes you sweat
  • You’ve always wanted to be closer to that one family member, a friend you’ve lost touch with, a colleague at work, or your significant other but you don’t know where to start
  • You’re an introvert, shy, and/or socially awkward
  • You’re tired of discussing your resume on first dates
  • You’re so over boring conversation at the family dinner table

Ditch the small talk quickly and effectively Finally! Start the captivating conversations you've been craving.


$ 97
  • 5 complete modules
  • 5 Bonus "But What If" Sections
  • Bonus Module: Tips for Convos on Zoom
  • Lifetime Access to All Updates
  • 10 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Full support via email



No, you can google question lists, but without the proper mindset or knowing when to ask them, they don’t work!
This is a step by step course that teaches you the mindset shifts and practical techniques you need to start up better conversations.

Absolutely! This pandemic is the perfect time to shift your mindset and how you see yourself before you try starting deep convos with strangers. It’s also an ideal, low stakes time for deepening your existing relationships with these techniques.

That depends on how much you practice. Technically, you can initiate deep conversations while taking the course, but it will likely take regular practice over time before you are confidently starting deep conversations with strangers in formal settings.

You can reach out to [email protected] if you have any technical questions. We’d also love to hear your feedback! We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Francine smiling

See You on the Inside!