On starting a blog, and transitioning to freedom

May 9, 2016 with minimal edits.

I’m starting a blog today.

Not sure what the theme of this blog is yet, but its purpose is to keep me writing. It’s also documentation of my career and life evolution.

I’m transitioning from doctor to entrepreneur, from the employee-employer relationship to being my own boss, and from trading time-for-money to developing passive income streams as a means of providing financial independence from my work as a physician.

Should I reveal my identity from the beginning or write anonymously? We introverts are repelled by the idea of being famous, but having a blog is hardly equal to fame.  Having a shitty blog is as ubiquitously 2012 as basic girls taking duckface selfies (which is happening in front of my me in this cafe  -_-).

However, my company could fire me if they discovered my plan to quit.  I plan to quit in 6 months anyway to travel in Southeast Asia for 2 months. I’ll return to do part-time independent contractor work with a locum tenens agency while figuring out this entrepreneur thing.

This is a relatively BORING post but it outlines my objectives and gives a hint to my mindset way back in the merry month of May ’16. I forgot that I had already decided on entrepreneurship, likely because the idea is frightening due to the level of ambition and tenacity required. And I’m still burnt (out) like a muthaf-er.

Yangon, Myanmar January 2017

It’s funny how easily

we selectively forget.

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